Gar Fishing In Texas

Gar Fishing

Gar fishing in Texas is a lot of fun. I’ve fished in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade and love the lakes there. But, I like fishing anywhere Lake Travis or San Antonio includes a body of water. It really depends on the time of year, weather conditions and what sort of fish you are interested in catching. There are many gar fishing places in Texas where it is possible to go for a day of fishing or a couple of nights.

Gar fishing in Texas is big business and there are lots of professional guides out there which will allow you to find the right fishing spot. I use a few different types of fishing gear when going on my fishing excursions. A number of them are traditional handle like hemostats and leader hooks, as well as contemporary fish finders and rods. I use both since I’m more comfortable with either one of these.

Some of the best fishing during the autumn are often during the nighttime, so if you’re a night fisherman you might want to check out a few of the shaded coves in south Texas. Gar are usually fished in coves, weeds, brush, and some other location which are covered in grass. If you fish these coves at night, it’s generally better if you utilize some kind of light. The light will save you from getting consumed by fish at night, and it is almost always a good point to remember.

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