Juice WRLD, Cordae countdown to ‘Doomsday’ for Lyrical Lemonade album’s lead single (2024)

Juice WRLD, Cordae countdown to ‘Doomsday’ for Lyrical Lemonade album’s lead single (1)

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  • Jon Barlas
  • June 23, 2023

Cole Bennett wears many hats, but above all, he’s a curator at heart.

Although directing, editing, brand development and business acumen have allowed the Lyrical Lemonade founder to flourish in the industry, much of Bennett’s work has led up to this moment: Crafting the long-awaited Lyrical Lemonade album.

The first single off the Lyrical Lemonade album is a long-awaited collaboration between #JuiceWRLD and @cordae… “Doomsday” out this Friday! 🍋 #OGM pic.twitter.com/SjbS9Iz6mI

— Our Generation Music (@OGMusicCo) June 20, 2023

Months after the LL founder revealed the record is in the works, its lead single “Doomsday” featuring the late Juice WRLD and Cordae was a special tribute to the fallen icon. “This video comes from a pure place,” he tweeted on the eve of its release, sharing its coinciding visual with Juice’s face deep-faked onto Cordae’s body during his lines — donning similar hair styles to fit the vibe.

“Doomsday,” which showcases both rappers’ lyrical chops over Eminem’s “Role Model” produced by Dr. Dre, fell in line with Lyrical Lemonade’s fifth annual Summer Smash festival this month (June 23-25) — perfect timing. It’s also rumored that every song on the LL album will receive a music video treatment, per close sources. A single will drop every month until the album releases this month, according to Cole Bennett on Twitter.

The duo’s relationship is well known in JW lore, as the pair were seen freestyling at Coachella in 2018 and singing XXXTENTACION and Trippie Redd’s “F*CK LOVE” backstage. Cole and Juice were notoriously close throughout the Chicago rapper’s life. Some of Juice’s most viral videos “All Girls Are The Same,” “Lucid Dreams” and “Robbery” were directed by Bennett and posted on the Lyrical Lemoande channel.

coming this fall. single every month until full album drops.

— Cole Bennett (@_ColeBennett_) June 28, 2023

This about to be a SPECIAL record 😮‍💨pic.twitter.com/0tom3KcLZs

— Our Generation Music (@OGMusicCo) June 20, 2023

It’s time. @LyricaLemonade album is on the way. First single featuring #JuiceWRLD 👀 #OGM pic.twitter.com/UIOD0tdkXQ

— Our Generation Music (@OGMusicCo) June 18, 2023

In March 2022, Bennett sat down with OGM host Hakeem Rowe to discuss the conception of LL’s compilation tape, saying that “expansion” has become a main focus for him and the brand lately. “I want Lyrical Lemonade to have many different meanings, for many different people, for different reasons,” he said, also acknowledging his unwillingness to flesh out the LP earlier in his career. Now that he feels he’s “matured,” he’s gained the confidence to give the culture what it needs when the time is right.

Bennett marked the first day of the album’s process with an exciting message in September 2022. “I’m ready to dedicate a lot of my time and energy to this project,” he wrote. “[It’s] going to be an otherwordly experience… I’ll be treating this album like a movie. Day-by-day. Step-by-step.” He initially teased that the project would bring “worlds and collaborations together you’d never expect.”

The @LyricaLemonade album is finally in motion… who do you think @_ColeBennett_ is going to put on the record? 💿 #OGM pic.twitter.com/Oa9PuT9UKd

— Our Generation Music (@OGMusicCo) September 13, 2022
Cole Bennett Interview: Lyrical Lemonade founder wants to keep ‘building worlds’

Obviously the Lyrical Lemonade album has always been in discussion. It would be a compilation album with a lot of the artists that we work with, just creating different vibes and bring different worlds together… I was so DIY and anti-industry, I never wanted to do it because the timing was wrong. I hated labels for a long time. It rubbed me the wrong way. I just knew the time wasn’t right… I’m big on timing with everything. If I feel even the tiniest gut feeling in the opposite direction, I follow it.”

Cole Bennett to OGM

Bennett’s 2022 was nothing short of extraordinary — launching his innovative Shot on iPhone music video series, collaborating with Yeat and The Minions, celebrating the brand’s 9-year anniversary among many other endeavors. In 2023, Bennet has connected with Lil Yachty for the visual to “Strike (Holster),” BabyTron’s “100 Bars,” BLP Kosher’s “Mazel Tron” and released his first-ever short film titled “whyrush?” featuring tee*zo Touchdown on Saturday (June 17).

It’s clear that Cole and LL are branching further from music video production — a full album orchestrated by one of our generation’s most influential brands is enough to send any music fan into a frenzy.

Drawing from the sea of collaborations Cole has collected over the years — with stars like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Yeat, Trippie Redd, Ski Mask The Slump God, LUCKI and more — the Chicago-based creative is essentially looking to put a Summer Smash lineup in the palm of your hand. Expect the LL album to arrive later this year.

Check out Cole’s interview below!


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Juice WRLD, Cordae countdown to ‘Doomsday’ for Lyrical Lemonade album’s lead single (2024)
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